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NOTE—The Samsung Care+ for Business (SCB) service can be registered using an existing customer account on which is used for Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Configure, or Knox-EFOTA One. Similarly, any of these services can be registered using an SCB account. However, this is not true for accounts registered with either Knox Deployment Program or Knox Managed Service Provider Program as these programs are designed for different users (device resellers and managed service providers, respectively).
Additionally, the Super Admin of any of these services gets the account auto-approved, while the sub-admins need to be invited. For more on admin management, see Manage admins and roles.
  1. Go to
  2. Under Products dropdown, select Samsung Care+ for Business.
  3. Click CONTACT SALES on the top-right.
  4. Under Get started, select your location to reach out to the SCB sales team.
    NOTE — The service is currently only available for businesses in India and the Philippines. More countries coming soon.
  5. SCB sales will reach out to you.
  6. Once approved, log-in to your Samsung Care+ for Business portal.

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